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Do you need an experienced product photographer to advertise your brand?

Peter Sterling Photography works closely with each client to make sure they receive no surprises. At a competitive price I will go above and beyond to deliver a consistent and professional service.

Below is a portfolio of images produced for Shatchi (Gifts 4 All Occasions) based in Hichin, Hertfordshire. They are a leading importer and distributor of all occasions and party supply products. They specialise in Christmas  and seasonal items which also includes garden furniture. 

Many of these photos are taken in a studio and then cut out using the pen tool and placed on different backdrops. Lifestyle shots help to sell the products better especially for B2C. A variety of photos were taken for each product i.e. wide shot, close up, cut out and put on lifestyle backdrop, images showing dimensions and pack shots. 

Please get in contact for a quote or to discuss a new opportunity.


Party & Gifts

Outdoor Living

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