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Corporate Headshots

This past week has been very busy. I had a corporate shoot last week for a company called Arc Build PLC who wanted some portraits taken for their website. It was the first time using my new studio kit (Elinchrom). It turned out well and they may use me again in a couple of weeks. I only had the one room to use so didn't have too many options. I decided to use five different types of shots per person/group. I particularly like the ones shooting against the blinds. The main challenge was filling in the shadows from the sun coming through the window. I also took the effort of doing some skin retouching on some of the images. I managed to get most of the images submited before the weekend but had work throughout Saturday and Sunday shooting a football tournament in Bedford. As you can imagine, I've being editing a lot of photographs recently and only just finished. Here are a couple of examples from the corporate photo shoot: see more here>>

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